How does it work?

Before you start, you can choose in which language you want the translation of the English word to be displayed: in Dutch, German, or Chinese.
You also need to adjust your settings to the variety of English you want to practise: British English or American English.

Seeing and hearing word stress

The words are sorted alphabetically. If you click on a letter of the alphabet, you will see a list of words starting with that letter in the box on the left side of your screen.


Click on a word to hear how it is pronounced and to see its Dutch, German or Chinese translation. If you want to hear the word again, you can click on it again.

Repeating words

It is good practise to repeat the words. If you wish, you can also record your own voice by pressing the record button in the right corner. You can play the sound right after that. Please be reminded to attach a microphone to your computer if you wish to record yourself.

Saving difficult words

You can save words you find difficult to pronounce. Click on 'select' and the word will appear in the box on the right. The words in this box are automatically saved. So next time you open the programme, you will again see your selected words in the box on the right.

No sound?

If you cannot hear the sounds when you click on the words, please first check the following:

Windows Vista

If you are a Windows Vista user, you will not be able to use the sound recorder in the bottom right corner. We are trying to solve this problem.

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