The PSAD Study Group gratefully acknowledges that substantial financial support has been received from Novo Nordisk, the main sponsor of the PSAD Study Group.

Novo Nordisk

Novo Nordisk is dedicated to the treatment of endocrine diseases, particularly diabetes, and invests considerable resources not just in clinical and social research, but also in training, patient care and patient education.

Back in 1998, Novo Nordisk started to focus on the psychosocial issues related to diabetes and what information was available to healthcare teams and concluded that that, although a considerable amount of psychosocial research had been carried out, there were no large, truly global studies. Important gaps in knowledge existed, particularly concerning data which would (a) enable international comparisons of psychosocial management and (b) examine the complex relationships between the stakeholders – the policy makers, the patients and their families, the physicians, the nurses and their support teams.

Diabetes, possibly more so than any other chronic condition, is only managed effectively when the whole team works well together. The key to improving the management of diabetes lies in understanding the perceptions surrounding the disease, the attitudes and responses of the policy makers and the way the patient, physician, nurse and policy maker interact.

From these beginnings the DAWN (Diabetes Attitudes, Wishes and Needs) survey was conceived. To ensure the highest possible scientific quality and value of the research, an international scientific advisory panel was convened under the chairmanship of Professor Sir George Alberti, president of the International Diabetes Federation (IDF). Novo Nordisk engaged Wirthlin Worldwide, a well-respected international market research company, to conduct the DAWN study.